Master Classes

Kaleidoscope Dance Academy wants to give a huge thank you to the Lor Brothers of the Kinjaz for sharing their knowledge and skill with the dancers. #dancewithkda

What an amazing turn out of dancers, volunteers and donations for our dancers with heart super hero camp! Every day these dancers had a blast. A special thank you to Ms. Molly for making it a special week for all!

We had a great time this weekend with Zach, Penny and Michael. Blessed to have so many dancer together learning and sharing the same passion. #dancewithkda



Thank you very much to Josh, Cordell, Cameron and Pharanda for providing an awesome hiphop workshop. We appreciate all the dancers who attended.


Kaleidoscope Dance Academy had an amazing turnout for this Master Class and was honored to host instructors and dancers from all over the community. Bringing Northwest Arkansas dance together.